Cancer Virotherapy

In the last two decades, viral vector-based therapies are gaining increasing attention as a promising strategy for cancer treatment. Studies in this field have explored the administration of viral vectors as agents for therapeutic vaccines, gene therapy and more recently as oncolytic therapeutics.

Read the systematic analysis on clinical studies assessing safety and efficacy of Onco-virotherapy here.

Get insight on various mechanisms of therapeutic resistance that impairs virotherapy.

Therapeutic Resistance

Therapeutic resistance has been studied as a mechanism that allows the therapeutic-target to escape and evolve against the treatment, for example in the context of antibiotic resistance by pathogenic bacteria and resistance by tumors towards radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy.

Read about the role of tumor extracellular vesicles in tumor progression and therapy resistance.

Get insight on various mechanisms of therapeutic resistance that impairs virotherapy.

Immunoglobulins & Unfolded Protein Response

B cells orchestrate pro‐survival and pro‐apoptotic inputs to translate, fold, sort, secrete and recycle immunoglobulins. In patients with common variable immunodeficiency, activated B cells are predisposed to an overload of abnormally processed, misfolded immunoglobulins. We studied how an early and robust decrease of the unfolded protein response (UPR) in patient cells compared to the healthy control correlates with the disease phenotype. Read more.

iGEM Projects

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration. Find my contributions here.

Microscopy Images

For everyone curious in the microscopic world, have a look here.

Publications by year

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